Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winding up in Yellowknife

We are now winding up in Yellowknife after an intensive few days training and organising. My skiing skills have improved some what - not falling as often! We took every opportunity that came our way to pract
ice and would even ski up to shop doors.

Dry suit training in some real cold waters

We had hoped that the temperature would get lower, however so far it stayed around minus 13.

Our Friend Richard Webber
We have met some great people here and have heard many stories about Yellowknife and Slave Lakes history- some very sad and some joyous stories. There is a great story that Yellowknife is the place where a native Indian man first met the white man moving north, almost 70 ye
ars ago, this Indian man still lives just outside the town and is said to be very proud to tell the tale today.
The Russians too were in on the action, their space station came down on a iced Slave Lake some years ago!

We are due to fly north on Wednesday to Resolute Bay for a few days. Temperatures will be a lot lower there. Hopefully on the first of March we will then fly toward Hunt Island and set off.

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  1. Good to see you are upright John.. stick with it!!