Sunday, February 28, 2010

Resolute Bay

Our 3 member Irish team arrived in Resolute after a comfortable flight of 5 hours in which we shared the Dash8 aircraft flight with our friend Richard and his 4-member team and luggage.

We are now 900 miles nearer the pole

It is from here that all teams will depart for the top of Ward Hunt Island, which is the starting point for the North pole.

There are 10 adventures including the three Irish here now with more on the way. Some were held up with flight delays like ourselves.

At the moment two English persons Dan and Amelia are on the ice, they were flown out yesterday. This group is the first on the ice and I wish them well.

We are hearing reports that conditions are not perfect out there due to factors such as the full moon and pressure from tides. However it is believed and hoped that things will settle down in a few days.

We are now a few days behind on our schedule; this may be a good thing, we will have to wait and see and hope that things will settle down in the ice for us to begin.

The temperature here at the moment is -35, brrrrr.

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