Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi again we where supposed to be off to Resolute Bay on the morning of the Wednesday the 24th February, but unfortunately due to a snow storm in Resolute Bay our flight was cancelled.

All loaded up with nowhere to go!

This is Matt Mossman taking us to the airport but flight canceled due to snow snowstorm,

we hope to get going in the next morning.

This is the team’s wings to get to Resolute Bay.

The Dornia Dash 8 aircraft can seat 18 people and is owed by Summit Air, this will be the same air craft that will bring us our food drop.

The distance from Yellowknife to Resolute Bay is 900 miles and a 4 and a half hours flight.

The team now have planned to stay in Resolute Bay for 3 days, a little less than we planed originally.

From here we are now north of the Arctic Circle and the temperatures are much colder.

Yellowknife is 2,000miles from the pole with this flight we will be 760miles nearer!

We now say goodbye to the friends we have met here, our landlady Tessa and the kindness of so many people.

Yellowknife is where you come for real adventure so many things to do and it will forever be in my mind.

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